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One of my superpowers is x-ray vision. I can spot a misspelled word, missing comma, or extra word from a mile away. Computerized grammar and spelling checks have come a long way, but they can sometimes hurt more than help. Let me help you look like the expert that you are!

You may be a damsel in distress if you write:

  • product descriptions
  • blog posts
  • web pages
  • newsletters
  • craft tutorials
  • course materials

Does your Etsy shop or website need a good once-over? Wouldn’t you rather have customers excited about your products than distracted by confusing wording? I can make sure you look professional and polished.

Do you put out a regular newsletter or blog post? I can put you on my calendar as a standing appointment so you get first dibs on my time. Not so regular? Chances are good that I can fit you in. Just ask. Would you like to be more consistent? I can serve as a sort of accountability partner; if you’ve reserved editing time with me, you’ll be more likely to follow through.

I offer reasonable rates to keep your overhead low: $7/1000 words, or $.007/word. I’ll invoice monthly through PayPal to make it easy for both of us.


4 newsletters or blog posts per month with an average of 500 words apiece = $14

25 product descriptions at 50 words each = $8.75

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