Windswept Forest cowl

Bronwyn the Brave’s laboratory accident happened when she added a twist while knitting a sweater in the round. Some friends doubted that she could fix it, others believed she could, still others weren’t sure but wanted to see her try. She persevered and tackled this classic knitting blunder and became known as Bronwyn the Brave. She continues to be intrepid in her knitting adventures, and when another knitter is in need, she’s right there to help. She has honed her superpowers to become a clever knitting and crochet designer, discerning technical editor, and fearless knitter.

Under the secret identity of Bronwyn Hahn, she is a wife and mother in Washington, Illinois. She has a long history of crafting and is known for giving unique handmade Christmas gifts.

Every knitter has a bit of bravery inside. How brave are you?