Bronwyn’s Handmade Christmas November 2017: Quick Knits

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It’s time for the final push! We only have one month until Christmas! Can you believe it?

Every time I write about a new craft I’ve made, I feel a slight pang of guilt. I’ve always dabbled in all sorts of crafts, so it’s not like I’m a monogamous crafter or anything. Knitting is my main squeeze, though, so that is my go-to when I want to make a handmade gift. But wait a second. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to blog about knitting in, say, June when we still had several months ahead of us? Well, my favorite things to knit are accessories because they are quick and make a big impact with only a small amount of time and effort. I’m a procrastinator, and I know many of you are, too, so quick and easy are key features when you’re on a deadline.

[It just occurred to me that knitting is a little like childbirth. Yeah, of course, you created this thing of beauty and the knitting project is your baby and all that, but I’m thinking about the effort you put in. You always hear moms bragging about how many hours they labored. It seems like the most dramatic stories come at the extremes: “I pushed for FOUR hours!” but also, “I only pushed for 22 MINUTES! I guess he was in a hurry.” (True story. 22 minutes for me. Not bragging at all.) So when it comes to knitting, we’re especially proud when we finally complete a sweater or afghan that took 2 years to complete but also when we whip up a cowl in only a few hours. Or is it just me?]

Anyway, because I like to knit small, quick projects, I like to design those types of projects. Most of my patterns can be knit with a short deadline. In fact, you could definitely make several in a month’s time. In particular, I knit two cowls, Valor and Windswept Forest, at two different Knitting Pipeline retreats–evidence that I could knit and talk at the same time. I was also crazy enough to knit a Jett the Octopus for each kid in my son’s Kindergarten class–22 of them in about two weeks.

Valor Cowl

Windswept Forest cowl

Windswept Forest

Jett the Octopus


If the promise of a quick and easy project isn’t incentive enough, how about a discount? From now until Christmas, when you purchase two or more patterns from my Ravelry store, you’ll save 20%. No coupon is necessary. And be sure to snap some photos before you give away your gifts. Create a project page on Ravelry so others can see your work. If you’re on Instagram, tag me (bronwyndp) and use #bronwynthebrave and/or #bronwynshandmadechristmas.

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